10 Meds Every Newbie Mom Needs In Her Cabinet

It is natural for every parent to be concerned when it comes to their little one’s health. There is no doubt that, the environment contains a lot of pollutants that can harm human health. In the process of taking care of your baby, occasional discomforts like stuffy noses and stomach aches come too. It can be a little daunting to recognize the disease. For cleaning tooshies you should have some tooshies by tom wipes with you for any urgent need. 

Following are some things that a parent must always have in their instant medic box. 

  1. Vaseline: Particularly for a newborn, pure Vaseline is great for their dry skin. You can apply Vaseline all over the diaper area to prevent your baby from getting rashes. S 
  1. Nasal saline: you can get either drops or spray if you see your baby has a stuffy nose. You can easily get this in spray form or dropper form from any convenient drugstore. You can even make it at home by dissolving ¼ teaspoon of salt in 8 ounces of warm water.  
  1. A&D ointment: This ointment pretty much works same wonders as Vaseline for different baby skin conditions. You must be careful when using this ointment because it shouldn’t be applied under the eye area.  
  1. Syringe for bulb suctionIn case of a stuffy nose and a cold filled with mucus, you can prefer to use a bulb suction followed by the saline drops or spray usage in the nose. You must do this at least thrice a day.  
  1. Gas drops: For infants under a year, gas and colic is a common problem. Using gas drops that contain an active ingredient known as simethicone that give relief.  
  1. Baby gripe water: Gripe water is a mixture of different herbs like dill, ginger and fennel which are meant to relax any cramping muscles or the stomach. 
  1. Probiotics for kids: For babies that are older than 12 months can be able to digest a probiotic to gas drops that will help to maintain the occasional stomach upset. 
  1. Rectal thermometer: This is an important tool to keep if you have a baby who is not above 2 months. You must use this till you see your baby cannot tolerate it anymore. However, there are some babies that do not mind a rectal thermometer at all. All you have to do is, put a little Vaseline on top of it and insert half an inch of it.  
  1. Glycerin suppositories: You can buy this without any prescription. In babies, constipation is often. So, to avoid these circumstances, glycerin suppositories are best.  
  1. Ibuprofen (for babies older than 6 months): For the purpose of pain and fever, your baby can tolerate it after 6 months of age. The effects last for 8 hours, which can be suitable for the nighttime. This can be a very helpful choice when your baby is suffering from teething because it contains anti-inflammatory properties and it works really well. It is important for you to discuss your baby with your pediatrician.  

Along with everything above the baby wipes are always included in. you can keep Wotnot baby wipes bulk  by your side all the time. You never know when you get to need a medicine for your baby so it is always advisable to keep the main ones for on-the-go solution for your child.  baby-wipes-sale